Hillview Surgery Charitable Trust

Please donate at reception or follow the link below to donate to Hillview Surgery Patient Charity.

Please do support our charity – it will mean that we can buy equipment to help all of our patients!

Below you can view some of the recent purchases made by Hillview Surgery Charitable Trust:

Equipment purchased by Hillview Patient Charity

Background To The Charity

In 1997, Dr Newman, Sir Alec Bedser, Mr Eric Bedser and Lord lane of Horsell set up the Hillview Surgery Charitable Trust, following the many requests from patients to give donations for medical equipment to aid patient care and services.

The Charity initially received a large donation from Sir Alec Bedser and  Mr Eric Bedser and ever since has received smaller donations from Patients and sponsorship from charity events such as the ‘ 10 Hills in 10 Hours Challenge’, the ‘Thames Towpath Walk’, and the ‘North Downs Way Walk’.

The Hillview Surgery Charitable Trust helps to provide facilities and services for patients at Hillview Medical Centre in Woking. The Charity has supported the 15,000 patients of Hillview Surgery by refurbishing the building and providing equipment that both reduces the need to travel to a hospital for tests and treatment, and overall patient waiting times. Over the last five years the financial support given by the charity equates to £25 per patient.

The Charity is currently overseen by the Trustees; Dee Wilkinson, Andrew Freeman and Dr Peter Smith. The Charity is separate to the practice and the Trustees ensure that funds are used to provide additional services, equipment, and experience that the NHS cannot provide.

For many years until his death – Keith Smith was an invaluable trustee for the charity. Keith put lots of his time into supporting the Charity and was always a positive and enthusiastic participant. We will all miss him.

  • Charity No: 1056914

Charity Contact Details

Email address: Hillviewcharitabletrust@gmail.com

On occasions the Hillview Surgery Charitable Trust trustees needs assistance with marketing and publications.

If you have these skills and are able to volunteer your time to this good cause please contact the trustees at the email address Hillviewcharitabletrust@gmail.com.

Latest News

Please watch this space for details of the 2022 Hillview Charity event.

2019 Charity Event – The Surrey 3 Peaks Challenge

Congratulations to the Hillview Team of 20 who completed this extreme challenge on 20th July in 12 hours raising money for Hillview Surgery Patient Charity.

This demanding 24 mile hike incorporated ascents of Box Hill, Holmbury Hill and Leith Hill.

  • Started : 07:30
  • Finished: 19:30
  • Conditions : Initial rain/ muddy then sunshine
  • Height climbed: 4017 feet
  • Distance: 26.7 miles
  • Blistered feet: 36
  • Hazards: Slippery steep muddy banks, angry cows, flooded stepping stones crossing, fatigue and dehydration, getting lost

Past Events

The Hillview Medical Centre South Downs Way Cycle Challenge 2017

Starting at Winchester at 06:00 on August 12th they climbed over 3,800 metres of hills and, despite several setbacks, the final leg reached Beachy Head at 20:45. The challenge took 14 hours and 45 minutes

The Nuts Challenge 2017

Past trustee Gennie Dearman completed the ‘100 extreme obstacle’ military style assault course on September 2nd.